Automated Specification and Verification of Web Systems

10th International Workshop

July 18th, Vienna, Austria

a FLoC workshop @ Vienna Summer of Logic 2014

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1. Josep Silva (Technical University of Valencia, Spain)


Josep Silva is professor at the Universitat Politècnica de València. He has led several projects focussing on the analysis and debugging of software systems based on formal methods, with particular interest on web systems.

He is now leading the CAVI Project, which focuses on the computed aided validation of software. One of the objectives of this project is web mining, where Josep Silva is developing new information extraction techniques based on DOM structures and hyperlink analysis.

His current interests are mainly centered on information retrieval techniques such as content extraction and template detection. Another important area of research is debugging, specially program slicing and algorithmic debugging. His main aim is to automate the task of error detection and correction, envisaging self-healing systems.

2. Steve Ross-Talbot (Cognizant Technology Solutions, United Kingdom)


Steve Ross-Talbot has been involved in computational science since 1975. He has published various papers over the years in topics ranging from query optimization to user interface design to grid to distributed systems and formal methods. Ross-Talbot currently works for Cognizant Technology Solutions as the CEO of a Cognizant Capital funded venture called Qualit-e. He has a small team which focuses on the future of software development and outsourcing alongside a larger team of enterprise architects who deliver to customers. Ross-Talbot was a key member of the Open Grid Forum in 2005/2006 focusing on distributed workflow for business processes hosted in a grid – nowadays it is known as BPaaS. Recently he was invited to be one of the authors of the SOA Manifesto along with luminaries such as Thomas Erl and Grady Booch.

His current interests are centered on using formal methods to build robust distributed systems (which typify cloud based solutions and SOA) and how to innovate collaboratively with our customers. This is why WS-CDL, SAVARA, BPMN2 on the one hand and HoQ and TRIZ on the other are all close to his heart and form the basis for all that he does in both Cognizant and Pi4 Technologies. His aim is simply to contribute to move things forward and deliver software solutions faster with higher quality and reduced costs and so remove us of the linearity in global delivery of software.