Automated Specification and Verification of Web Systems

10th International Workshop

July 18th, Vienna, Austria

a FLoC workshop @ Vienna Summer of Logic 2014

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Friday,  July 18

While participants have a large choice, we recommend attending VPT in the morning.


  Lunch Break


  Joint session with VPT 2014: Web systems


    Invited Talk (shared with VPT):
    Josep Silva (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia). Automatic Detection of Webpage Candidates for Site-Level Web Template Extraction.



  Coffee Break


    Thomas Sewell. Formal Replay of Translation Validation for Highly Optimised C.


    R. Ramanujam and S. Sheerazuddin. A Local Logic for Realizability in Web Service Choreographies.


    Asad Ali and Maribel Fernandez. Static Enforcement of Role-Based Access Control.

The WWV 2014 proceedings will be published as a volume of the EPTCS series. Informal WWV 2014 proceedings are included on the flash drive distributed at VSL.